Fast shape selection with the unique shape slider.


  Onscreen controls for mask rotation, shear, scale, position and roundness allow you to mask objects quickly and efficiently.


  The inspector has more controls to refine your mask including feather, z position, x and y rotation.


  With Fast Mask Color you can grade inside or outside of the shape mask.


  Create shapes in a range of colors by using the color overlay controls.


  Easily clone or remove objects.


  Quickly add a vignette and create interesting Picture in Picture effects.


  Grade inside multiple shapes at the same time using the shapes union, intersection or difference as a mask.


  Available as both effects and titles, you can mask multiple clips and mask multiple areas.



Also included in the update is Fast Shapes, a fun and powerful shape creator that uses the familiar Fast Mask interface along with onscreen controls for shape selection and border width.

How it Works

  Fast Mask is a fast and versatile mask.



  Fast Mask Color adds built-in color correction and blur.



—  Fast Mask Fullscreen lets you work fullscreen with onscreen

     controls for shape selection and feather.



—  Fast Mask Clone  - quickly clone an object.



—  Fast Mask Remover - quickly remove an object.



—  Fast Shapes is a fun and powerful shape creator.

Two onscreen controls and the shape slider in the inspector give you the power to mask a wide range of objects quickly and efficiently.


One OSC controls scale, in all directions, the other, a

multi-controller, position, rotation, shear and roundness.


The scale onscreen control moves with the shape when the other parameters are changed

It can be moved to the left or right, up or down from the



Fast Mask Fullscreen, Clone and Remover add onscreen controls for shape selection and feather.

Fast Shapes has onscreen controls for shape selection and border width.



You can download, install and purchase Fast Mask all from within FxFactory.


Fast Mask appears under Lawn Road in the main menu of the FxFactory app.


Once installed you will find the two Fast Mask plug-ins in the effects and titles browser of Final Cut Pro X under the theme Lawn Road Fast Mask


Drag the effects onto your clips, drag the titles on top of them.

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