Fast Mask Manual

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Two onscreen controls and the shape slider in the inspector give you the power to mask and track a wide range of objects quickly and efficiently.


One OSC controls scale, in all directions, the other, a

multi-controller,  position, rotation, shear and roundness.


The scale onscreen control moves with the shape when the other parameters are changed.

It can be moved to the left or right, up or down from the



Easily track an object — enable keyframes in the inspector, move the playhead, adjust the onscreen  controls, keyframes will be created automatically.


Guide Checkbox - turn onscreen guide on and off.


OSC checkbox - turn onscreen controls on and off.

Inspector Controls

Onscreen Controls


SHAPE SLIDER and Drop-down menu - use the unique shape slider to rapidly select a shape for your mask, the mask dropdown display will update.


You can also use the drop-down to select  a shape, just make sure the slider is at zero.


Fast Mask Fullscreen, Fast Mask Clone, Fast Mask Remover and Fast Shapes all have onscreen controls for shape selection but if your prefer you can use this inspector control (and turn of the onscreen selector).

For trickier jobs the inspector presents a range of additional controls

Fast Mask Fullscreen, Clone and Remover add onscreen controls for shape selection and feather. The shapes graphic can be turned on and off.

Fast Shapes has onscreen controls for shape selection and border width. The shapes graphic can be turned on and off, as can the fill.

  • Fast Mask

  • Fast Mask Color


Fast Mask Clone and Remover have an extra onscreen control which is colored red.


Postion the guide over the object you wish to clone or remove then select and move the red OSC.


This moves the clone layer in Fast Mask Clone, which can be positioned anywhere in the frame,  and moves the Mask layer in Fast Mask Remover - removing the object from view and replacing it with another part of the frame.


While these layers can be independently controlled in the inspector, the area of the frame cloned and removed will update if you change the other onscreen controls.


FEATHER - soften the edge of the mask.

You can feather X & Y independently


Fast Mask Fullscreen, Fast Mask Clone, Fast Mask Remover have an onscreen control for Feather but if you prefer you can use this inspector control (and turn of the onscreen control).

ROUNDNESS - effects the roundness of the shape, higher values results in smoother edges.

Linked to an onscreen control but you can also change the value here.

SHEAR - shear the shape horizontally or vertically, X shear is linked  to an onscreen control

X and Y ROTATION- rotate a shape onto the plane of an object in the frame.

Z ROTATION - rotate the shape, linked to the multi-controller OSC

CENTRE ROTATION - keyframe multiple revolutions around the centre of the shape (not available in Fast Shapes).

Z POSITION - move the mask along the Z axis, great for tracking an object moving toward or away from the camera

POSITION - adjust the position of the mask, linked to the

multi-controller OSC

SCALE - linked to the scale OSC which can scale in all directions

INVERT - invert the mask so effects and corrections are applied outside the shape

OPACITY and BACKGROUND OPACITY - raise or lower the opacity of the clip inside and outside the mask




Use these controls to clone, remove, skew, scale  and move objects in the frame.


If you place the mask over an object then move the mask layer position you can remove the object.


If you move the mask to an area where you want the object cloned then change the mask layer position, you can clone the object.


Fast Mask Remover provides an oscreen control for moving the mask layer.

BLEND MODE - of the mask layer with the background layer,  works when the background opacity is less than zero

COLOR OVERLAY -  color the mask shape.

Great for quickly creating shape graphics.

Click on the color swatch to bring up the Mac OS X color picker.

The Overlay mix  allows you to reduce the opacity of the color so the underlying clip shows through


Available in Fast Mask Color, Fast Mask Fullscreen, Fast Mask Clone and Fast Mask Remover.


Available in Fast Mask Color, Fast Mask Fullscreen, Fast Clone and Fast Mask Remover.

TONE controls: Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Midtones, Highlights

COLOR controls: Cool - Warm, Tint, Saturation, Shadows Color, Midtones Color, Highlights Color

Within the  Color module click on the grey boxes to bring up the OS X Color Picker Color Wheel

DETAIL controls: Sharpen, Blur, Local Contrast, Unsharp Mask

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