Create your own unique looks and grades


  Basic controls for quick corrections, advanced controls for fine-tuning


  Quickly mask an area with a shape and grade inside or out


  Easily blend two grades together using a range of blend modes


  Horizontal, vertical and diagonal split views - for quick comparisons


  Versatile side-by-side comparison views, in either 2Up, 3Up or 4Up configurations


  Reference Clip - match another grade


  Available as both effects and titles - grade individual clips, add a look across your entire timeline


Color Grade

Fast, fine-grained grading

Color Grade Lite

Light on your system

Color Grade Shapes

Pick a shape, grade inside or out

Grade Blend

Create, compare and blend two grades

Luma Blend

Adjust highlights & shadows then blend

How it Works

You can download, install and purchase Color Precision all from within FxFactory.


Color Precision appears under Lawn Road in the main menu of the FxFactory app.


Once installed you will find the five Color Precision plug-ins in the effects and titles browser of Final Cut Pro X under the theme Lawn Road Color Precision


Drag the effects onto your clips, drag the titles on top of them.



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